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Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors Protect Fire Water Systems A. Gandhi, Cortec Supplement to February 2003 Materials Performance Magazine

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Description: M-645 is a newly developed corrosion inhibitor additive for corrosion induced by seawater or brine. M-645 is a highly surface active concentrate, which will displace water containing chlorides from the metal surface, is then adsorbed forming an oily protective film on the metal. This film is the most uniform when it is applied in conjunction with an oxygen scavenger.
Package:M-645 is available in 5 gallon (19 liter) pails, 55 gallon (208 liter) metal drums, liquid totes and bulk.
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VpCI®-609 Powder for Ferrous Metals, Patented
Description: VpCI®-609 is a water-soluble Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VpCI®) powder for wet or dry corrosion protection of ferrous metals and aluminum.
Application: • Tubular structures, pipes and vessels • Internal surfaces of compressors, turbines, engines, tanks, boilers, heat exchangers • Steam condensate lines, closed circuit heating and cooling systems • Equipment during and after hydrostatic testing • Parts, components and completed assemblies during shipping and storage • Additive to shot-blasting media, wet blasting • Additive to standing water • Voids, cavities and tanks
Protection:Provides up to 24 months of continuous protection.
Package:5 lbs. (2.3kg), 50 lbs. (23kg), 100 lbs. (45kg) moisture barrier bags packed in fiber-lined drums.
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VpCI®-611 Water-Based Concentrate Inhibitor
Water-based rust preventive concentrate for water blasting or wet abrasive blasting. It leaves a very thin, transparent, tack free film on the metal surface. Weldable and paintable film is non-toxic, pro-environmental and contains no nitrite or phosphate inhibitors.
Package:5 gallons (19 liters), 55 gallon (208 liters), liquid totes and bulk.
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VpCI®-641 Liquid Additive
Description: Water-based rust preventative for the protection of ferrous or nonferrous metals in industrial waters.
Package:5 gallons (19 liters), 55 gallon (208 liters), totes and bulk.
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