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VpCI®-130 Series
Description: Unique, flexible packaging materials that combine VpCI® protection, cushioning and desiccant action, plus excellent antistatic capabilities! Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams provide effective corrosion protection, cushioning and desiccant action all in one step. You can now eliminate expensive and messy rust preventatives with the unique Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams. Parts protected with Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams are always ready for use, no degreasing or coating removal is required. Application of multifunctional materials such as Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams results in significant weight and labor savings.
Application: Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams are specially designed with vapor corrosion inhibitor impregnated throughout the foam’s polymeric matrix. They are excellent for protection of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and alloys such as: steel, copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, solder, silver, etc. Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams do not change critical physical and/or chemical properties of electronic components, and are suitable for protection of printed curcuit boards.
Package: Standard Size is 130’ x 54” x 0.25” (39.6m x 1.35m x 0.64cm).
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