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Desicorr® VpCI® Pouches
Description: Desicorr® VpCI® is a specially designed two sided pouch which contains a unique combination of desiccant and VpCI® (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor). Desicorr® VpCI® pouches are ideal for protecting packaged ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion.

Unlike conventional desiccants, the dual function of the Desicorr® VpCI® pouches reduces moisture in the air (desiccant action) and provides multimetal protection (VpCI® action) within a package. In essence, the desiccant action allows the VpCI® to have free access to the surface of the metal, without competition from moisture on the metal surface.
Application: Desicorr VpCI is designed to protect products, components or assemblies when packaged in corrugated boxes, plastic wrap or bags, and wood or metal containers. One Desicorr VpCI emitter is designed to protect 1 cubic foot. Each Desicorr is able to absorb 1.65 grams of water.

Successful usages include:
• Completed assemblies, parts and components • Motors • Mechanical controls • Precision machined or stamped parts • Marine and commercial electronic equipment • Electrical equipment • Tools
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