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VpCI®-2026 Top Coat
Description: VpCI-2026 is a 2K, solventbased 100% solids novolac epoxy system (topcoat) that provides protection in harsh, outdoor, unsheltered applications. The complex mixture of non-toxic, organic inhibitors offers protection that competes with most paints and zinc-rich primers
Application: Substrate should be free of grease, oil, dirt, fingerprints, drawing compounds, rust inhibitors, or any other surface contamination that could affect adhesion. For production line applications, use VpCI-440 or similar phosphatizing pre-treatment. For structural steel applications, Cortec® recommends a minimum of a NACE #3/ SSPC-SP6 commercial blast clean. Consult Cortec and/or test system adhesion prior to full scale application.
Package: VpCI®-2026 is available in 2.5 (9.5 liter), 12.5 gallon (47.3 liter) and 138 gal (522 liter) kits.
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