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Cortec® CorrTube® is the premium corrosion inhibiting packaging and shipping tube in the industry. It provides superior corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In addition, CorrTube® is fully recyclable/repulpable. It can be recycled into other types of paper products such as boxes, cardboard and other corrugated materials. CorrTube® is environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and doesn’t contain any nitrites, phosphates, silicates or other hazardous compounds.

CorrTube® is easy to use, simply match the appropriate diameter tube to the size of your part. The VpCI® coating on the inside or the tube vaporizes, reaching all metal surfaces to provide complete corrosion protection. The unique inhibiting action of Cortec® VpCI® forms a thin effective protective layer that does not alter the appearance of products or
Products should be packaged as soon after cleaning as possible, but completely dried of residual water. Keep the CorrTube as close to the surface of the product as practical, leaving no barrier between the CorrTube and the metal surface to be protected. Choose a tube diameter that closely matches the size of the part to be packaged and protected. After insertion cover both ends.

Standard Construction: Neutral natural kraft linerboard coated with VpCI material.
CorrTube is easily customized to fit your packaging needs, It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8mm - 100mm inside diameter. Common sizes (64, 80, and 100mm) are available with plastic end caps.
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