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EcoFog® VpCI®-337 Biodegradable Fluid
Description: Ecofog VpCI-337 is a ready-to-use waterborne vapor corrosion inhibitor for temporary protection of equipment and plants. It is a complete replacement for nitrogen blanketing and dry air systems that are both expensive to install and maintain. Nitrogen blankets are also a health hazard to personnel entering the interiors. Vapor phase corrosion inhibitors in Ecofog VpCI-337 migrate and protect metal surfaces, resulting in time and cost savings. The Ecofog VpCI-337 is used to protect edges of coils and stacks or to fog void spaces, tanks, containers, packages, and enclosures. These labor-saving techniques use a minimum of product to protect large areas or volumes. Ecofog VpCI-337 is effective on ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as aluminum, plated steels, and copper. Ecofog VpCI-337 is consistently successful in providing protection to the basic metals, metalworking, and packaging industries.
Application: Fog or mist without dilution into containers, boxes, crates, and shrouded packages at a rate of 1 oz./ft3 (1 L/m3 ) of enclosed space. Spray on cardboard, wood pallets, closed and open cell foams, and other packaging materials. Always spray Ecofog VpCI-337 uniformly within enclosure and allow direct access of vapors to metal surfaces to be protected.
Package: Ecofog VpCI-337 is packaged in 5 gallon (19 liter) plastic
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