Cold Application of EcoAir® VpCI™-337

Background: TNT currently packages automobile parts in Italy and ships the parts to South America for assembly. During the winter season in Italy, the parts are cold, 0 to -10 C and with high levels of humidity. They would like to find water based rust preventative to apply to cold metal that gives corrosion protection.

Purpose: Determine if EcoAir® VpCI™-337 can be applied to cold steel parts and prevent corrosion during shipping.

Materials: Carbon Steel Plates

EcoAir® VpCI™-337

5-gallon bucket

Method: Environmental Chamber, (105 F, 95-100% Relative Humidity)

Procedure: The testing was designed to simulate the environment experienced during shipment from Italy to South America for the parts from TNT.

      1. Two carbon steel panels were cleaned and packaged in 5-gallon buckets.
      2. The buckets were placed out of doors for 48 hours in temperatures ranging from -5 C to -12 C. One sample was left with no VpCI protection, the control, and the other bucket was fogged with EcoAir® VpCI™-337.
      3. After 4 hours out of doors, the samples were placed in the environmental chamber, 105 F, 95-100% Relative Humidity. Periodically the samples were inspected, and after 12 days, the samples were removed from the environmental chamber. The samples were inspected, pictures were taken and a report was written.

Results: The following results were found:


Time to failure (days)

Percent corroded after 12 days




EcoAir® VpCI™-337

Did not fail


Conclusion: EcoAir® VpCI™-337 protected the cold steel parts quite well. This testing suggests that EcoAir® VpCI™-337 applied to TNT’s parts cold should provide protection for shipments to South America.


Project #: 02-070-1825

Time Spent on Project: 5.5 hours

To: TNT, Italy

For: Dario Del Orto

From: Brian L. Wuertz

Date: 4-1-2002

cc: Boris Miksic

Art Albrecht

Margarita Kharshan

Cliff Cracauer

Vanessa Schultz

Bob Boyle

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