VpCI's for Water Treatment/Layup Products Papers
Use Of VpCIs (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors) for the Protection of Fire Water Systems; Ashish Gandhi, Cortec Corporation; 2002
Seasonal Changes in HVAC Cooling Water Systems;
Jim Lukanich, ChemCal, Inc., "T.U.T.O.R." ; Fall 2001
Lay-up of Cooling Towers and Boilers with Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors;
Ashish Gandhi, Boris A. Miksic, FNACE; Cortec Corporation; 2001 Paper 01487.
Lay-Up References; Checkout Cortec's collection of reference materials designed to aid in the process of equipment lay-up for long term storage.
Methodology of VCIs for Water Treatment; Alla Furman, Margarita Kharshan; Cortec Corporation; NACE, 1997.
VCIs - A Novel Approach to Corrosion Control in the Water Treatment Industry; Christophe Chandler, Margarita Kharshan, Alla Furman; Cortec Corporation; Watertech; 1995.
Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Unique Water Treatment Applications; Ashish Gandhi, Cortec Corporation
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