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Emerson Letter


Patrick O'Brien
Copeland Corporation
1675 W. Campbell Rd.
Sidney, OH 453465
T (937) 498-3739
F (937) 493-3307



February 27, 2002


Dear VCI User:

Through the years rust has been the number one quality concern at Copeland. To improve quality and rust protection performance, Copeland has issued engineering change notice 34-1001-037.00 which source specifies all VCI products. Effective immediately all VCI product used internal at Copeland manufacturing facilities and external at Copeland suppliers will be manufactured by Cortec Corporation and can only be purchased through Greto Corporation in Lima, Ohio. Grouping our corporate requirement through Greto enables us to leverage our purchases for additional savings in raw materials that will benefit everyone. If you have questions please contact Dick Toth at Greto 800-274-3542, [email protected] or myself at the phone number above or at [email protected]



Patrick O'Brien

Strategic Commodity Manager