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Leader in Corrosion Protection Solutions Teams Up with Corrorsionsource

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Cortec Corporation to place technical support and

product information on major corrosion portal

HOUSTON (June 01, 2001) – Cortec Corporation, a leading provider of corrosion protection solutions, has signed on to develop an Enhanced WebFront with CorrosionSource, the number one online corrosion information source. The Cortec Enhanced WebFront will offer users instant access via corrosionsource.com to technical information and support, product usage and specifications, and opens the door for Cortec to market and distribute to a broader audience.

"The global reach and reputation of corrosionsourceCorrosionSource.com is important to our goal of providing total corrosion control to our clients worldwide," says Boris Miksic, president and CEO of Cortec Corporation. "Our vision is to meet the corrosion control needs of people and situations throughout the world in a ready and prepared manner, so our response must be quick."

A world leader in corrosion protection products and services, Cortec has developed innovative technologies to design products that supply corrosion solutions to numerous markets, including petrochemical, metalworking, electronics/electrical, utility, construction, military/government, marine, basic metals, automotive and equipment maintenance. The company also serves the consumer market through environmentally safe products, aerosols that contain no CFCs or HCFCs, and VpCI® (vapor corrosion inhibitor) packaging used in a winde range of food, retail, industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

"Cortec’s exceptional products and technology base, combined with its International market, make them an ideal partner for our portal and we’re very pleased they’ll have an integrated and rich presence on corrosionsource.com," said Dr. Russell Kane, president of CorrosionSource. "We see this partnership as an excellent way to quickly provide the world corrosion community with access to information, services, products and related technologies that will allows them individuals to do their work more accurately and efficiently."

"I was familiar with Dr. Kane’s work at CorrosionSource and have long been an admirer of his both his work and his corrosion knowledge," said Miksic. "When we visited at NACE 2001 earlier this year, I realized the tremendous impact of CorrosionSource on the market and believe it is a very much needed function for us to achieve global market reach."

Miksic was recently named the Ernst & Young "Master Entrepreneur of the Year" for Minnesota and the Dakotas and is a Fellow of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. A native of Croatia, he founded Cortec in 1977 with no resources and has built it into a $25 million a year business. Cortec’s big-name corrosion control clients include Ford Motor Company, Motorola, and the United States Navy.

The Cortec Enhanced WebFront will be accessible from a banner advertisement on the corrosionsource.com home page, contain a range of resident content on the CorrosionSource site, and will also link users to the full range of products and services available through the Cortec site at www.cortecvci.com. site.

For more information, contact CorrosionSource at [email protected] or call 281-444-0500.


Cortec Corporation is a world leader in innovative corrosion protection solutions and has developed and manufactured numerous corrosion-control products for commercial and consumer applications. The company combines high technology and environmental acceptability with user safety to supply the best solutions for fighting corrosion. Cortec is one of the first companies in the world to become ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified under the new 2000 standard. www.cortecvci.com.

CorrosionSource.com is the world’s largest and most dynamic Web site for corrosion information, products and services and the only corrosion site that brings together an online community, technical content and marketplace commerce capabilities. CorrosionSource has a 4-year history as an online technical resource, with some 30,000 pages of technical information. It has achieved traffic of 500,000 page views and more than 30,000 site users per month. www.corrosionsource.com