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Powerful Rust Remover Packaged In New Safe-T-Charge

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November 27, 2001 For Immediate Release

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Cliff Cracuaer
Cortec Corporation
(651) 429-1100
[email protected]
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Powerful Rust Remover Packaged In New Safe-T-Charge

One of the most dangerous tasks in working with powerful chemicals just became safer. Cortec® now offers its Heavy Duty 426 Rust Remover in a new, patented Safe-T-Charge package. The powerful rust remover is contained in a safe and easy-to-use PVA water-soluble bag. Safe-T-Charge lets the operator handle the rust remover without touching chemicals, using scoops or shovels, or wearing any special safety equipment. It eliminates the common danger of splashing acid or acid burns to an operator. Cortec® Safe-T-Charge also eliminates chemical spillage and slippery work areas that endanger worker safety.

Available in pre-measured amounts of 1, 5, and 10 pound sizes, an operator simply picks up a Safe-T-Charge bag that equals the desired dosage size and puts them in the chemical tank. The Safe-T-Charge bag is completely water soluble, dissolving in water within a few minutes. The 100% active powder creates a rust cleaning bath with a pH between 3-4 that can be used for all types of common ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It effectively dissolves corrosion, rust, and scale from iron, carbon and stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium and their alloys. It easily removes tarnish and brightens copper and aluminum.

After the metal has been cleaned of corrosion, oxidation and scale, it receives instant protection against flash rust. The Safe-T-Charge incorporates Cortec® patented VpCITM technology to stop oxygen from immediately recombining with the highly active metal surface and rusting. Cortec's unique VpCIs migrate to all areas of the metal surface that air, moisture, and corrosive agents can reach. They form a micro-thin protective layer that stops further corrosion for up to 2 weeks.

Fully biodegradable, Safe-T-Charge 426 Rust Remover utilizes Cortec's advanced, eco-friendly technology to enhance environmental and worker safety. Safe-T-Charge provides its strong corrosion-cleaning action without using dangerous fuming acids. The 426 Rust Remover is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metals or chelating agents, and is nitrite-free.

Photo: High resolution photo tif of Cortec VpCI® Safe-T-Charge 426 Rust Remover available for download above.

Company Description:
Cortec® Corporation, a pioneer in Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology, is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Cortec manufactures a variety of corrosion inhibiting and rust-preventive systems based on Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology.

Cortec Website: www.CortecVCI.com    Phone: 1-800-426-7832   FAX: (651) 429-1122