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New Cleaner Stops Oxidation For Silver and Gold Contacts

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June 21, 2001 For Immediate Release

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Oleh Artym
Rawn America
(651) 429-1100
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New Cleaner Stops Oxidation For Silver and Gold Contacts

Rawn America's new EcoClean® Silver and Gold Cleaner eliminates the number one cause of electrical failure in hi-tech components and precious metal contacts: oxidation and dirty connections. In many instances because of microcrystalline contamination, the poor connective qualities are not even visible to the naked eye. This misleads repair work into high cost troubleshooting and component replacement where a 30 second cleaning with less than a nickel's ($0.05) worth of chemical would fix the problem.

The new formulation goes far beyond the conventional silver and gold cleaners of the past used for jewelry. It has been specially engineered to effectively remove oxidation and tarnish as well as grease, oils and micro-contaminants from delicate metal contacts of silver and gold commonly used in electrical and electronic equipment.

As it cleans, the new product forms a special mono-molecular VpCI® protective film that inhibits further oxidation. The patented VpCITMtechnology migrates to both the immediate metal surface as well as into crevices, cracks and other porous openings in the metal to provide complete protection during minute flexing of contacts and boards. This unique feature is especially important to miniaturized electronic components where minute flexing allows micro-crystalline attack to gain its initial foothold in deteriorating micro-electrical circuits.

Using new chemical technology, EcoClean® Silver and Gold Cleaner is biodegradable and non toxic. It is free of harsh abrasives and toxic chemicals to make the product friendly to workers and friendly to the environment. To use, the worker simply applies with a sponge or chamois swab, gently cleaning the contact. When done, just wipe with a soft, dry cloth.

High resolution photo tif of Rawn America EcoClean® Silver and Gold Cleaner is available for download above.

Company Description:
Rawn America™ Brand is manufactured by Cortec® Spray Technologies Division located in Spooner, Wisconsin. They manufacture a variety of compressed air-powered, aerosol and related products for the MRO, electronic, telecommunications, electrical, industrial and process industries.

Rawn America Website:    Phone: 1-800-826-6791
FAX: 715-635-2200