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Biodegradable Bean Protects Metals From Rust

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November 27, 2001 For Immediate Release

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Cliff Cracuaer
Cortec Corporation
(651) 429-1100
[email protected]
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Biodegradable Bean Protects Metals From Rust

EcolineTM Long Term Rust Preventive was developed by Cortec® through intensive research with soybeans. Cortec® chemists focused on the safety and biodegradable aspects available in conjunction with the lubricity from soybean methyl esters. After a year long effort, an entirely new generation of soybean derivative rust preventives was formulated. The soybean released a fully biodegradable rust preventive that provides universal protection for all metals for up to 1 year. With its greater safety for people and the environment, EcolineTM is the new generation replacement for mineral oil and flammable solvent type rust preventives.

An immediately noticeable difference with the EcolineTM Rust Preventive compared to mineral-oil based rust preventives is odor. Ecoline has a neutral, natural smell compared to the oily pungent odor that can linger for days from conventional oil-based rust preventives. EcolineTM Rust Preventive does not require workers to wear special safety equipment for use. Because the new formulation is VOC Free and biodegradable, it means that no hazardous storage, disposal procedures or costs are required.

The new soy-based rust preventive offers superior protection compared to most solvent and oil based products. It combines Cortec® patented VpCI® technology with film-forming additives. This powerful anti-corrosion chemistry provides effective protection in atmospheres with high humidity and aggressive chloride attack. Parts protected with EcoLineTM will withstand the corrosive attack in very humid conditions or in marine environments from saltwater and salt-mist atmospheres.

EcoLineTM Rust Preventive can be applied by spray, dip, or brush to a wide variety of parts and components. Because it provides universal protection, EcoLineTM is effective for products and assemblies that have multi-metals including steel, copper and aluminum. With its mild nature, it can be used with parts and assemblies that are also made with plastics and "plated" plastic. It offers excellent lubricity for parts that have moving components such as hinges, shafts, keyways or threads such as pipes and connectors.

Photo: High resolution photo tif of a Cortec® EcoLineTM Long Term Rust Preventive available for download above.

Company Description:
Cortec® Corporation, a pioneer in Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology, is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Cortec manufactures a variety of corrosion inhibiting and rust-preventive systems based on Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology.

Cortec Website:    Phone: 1-800-426-7832   FAX: (651) 429-1122