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High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound With Easy Spray Application

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August 28, 2001 For Immediate Release

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Anna Vignetti
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NEW PRODUCT RELEASEHigh Temperature Anti-Seize Compound With Easy Spray Application

Rawn America is introducing its new High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound as an aerosol spray. The new compound prevents fretting corrosion and inhibits cold weld corrosion for threaded and non-thread connectors that are used in severe operating conditions or very high temperatures.

The Rawn America Anti-Seize Compound enables the easy release and removal of connectors and fastening devices that are used in high temperature environments such as ovens, engines, motors, exhaust systems, generators, hoists and cranes. The compound slows the aging and deterioration of threaded fastening devices that is caused by high-temperature wear, cold-welding and corrosion. It prevents parts becoming so locked and frozen that they can only be taken apart by sawing, tapping, or cutting torch. Instead, when using the Rawn America Anti-Seize compound, an operator can easily loosen and remove the connector or fastener for periodic maintenance or at other times when removal is required.

After maintenance, the operator can easily use the aerosol-spray for required re-application. Rather than a messy and longer brush-on procedure from a thick paste, the operator sprays on the Rawn America Anti-Seize Compound in just a few seconds. The compound easily sprays on in a uniform pattern. It has been specially formulated with thixotropic properties so it does not run. The aerosol-spray comes with a four (4) inch extension nozzle that allows the operator to treat areas that have recesses, voids, and cavities that are not readily accessible.

The convenience and speed of applying the anti-seize compound with aerosol spray makes it easy for operators to follow required maintenance procedures, especially when re-connecting fastening devices. The product is ideally suited for protecting threaded connections, non-threaded fastening devices and other items such as rollers, chains, and hinges. It is especially useful for maintenance automotive, marine, and industrial manufacturing applications.

High resolution photo tif of Rawn America High-temp Anti-Size Compound is available for download above.

Company Description:
Rawn America™ Brand is manufactured by Cortec® Spray Technologies Division located in Spooner, Wisconsin. They manufacture a variety of compressed air-powered, aerosol and related products for the MRO, electronic, telecommunications, electrical, industrial and process industries.

Rawn America Website:  www.rawnamerica.com  Phone: 1-800-826-6791   FAX: 715-635-2200