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New Protective Netting Stops Corrosion on Metal Parts

August 21, 2001 For Immediate Release

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Oleh Artym Tomas Gardebring

Cortec Corporation Blue Leopard Inc.

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CorrNettingTM combines the benefits of protective mesh netting with Cortec’s patented VpCITM to stop rust and oxidation on metal parts. The netting is available in a variety of mesh sizes in tubular and sheet form. Users that have experienced any rust or oxidation on metal parts covered with plain netting, can now replace it with CorrNettingTM for fast, easy corrosion protection. There are no chemical dosages to figure or chemicals to apply. Protection is simple and instantaneous.

CorrNettingTM protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals against tarnish, oxidation, flash rust and corrosion. The operator just slips the CorrNettingTM over assemblies, including those made from a variety of metals, and the parts are immediately protected against corrosion. Cortec’s special VpCITM action even offers protection for recessed areas, grooves, keyways, hollows and cavities.

Cortec® VpCITM provides completely clean and dry protection. Cortec® VpCITM does not require any removal. Parts are ready for immediate use without the need for cleaning or degreasing. The user simply removes CorrNettingTM and the part or assembly can be installed without delay. The clean protective capability offer by CorrNettingTM is ideally suited for dry part utilization. In some instances, it may allow parts that were previously oiled to eliminate oiling and subsequent removal, thus saving both labor, material, and chemical hazardous disposal costs.

CorrNettingTM is extruded from high quality PE with a special formulation that combines an exacting balance of VpCITM, elasticity, mesh size, thickness and resilience. It provides physical protection, cushioning, and multimetal corrosion protection in one, easy step that is simple for any operator to achieve.

Designed for applications in automotive, aerospace, biomedical, high tech and machine tool, CorrNettingTM can be used for products such as precision metal parts and assemblies, tooling, spring silencers, protective covers for door assemblies, and wall support for filter systems.

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Cortec® Corporation, a pioneer in Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology, is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Cortec manufactures a variety of corrosion inhibiting and rust-preventive systems based on Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology.

Cortec Website: Phone: 1-800-426-7832 FAX: (651) 429-1122