New Water-based Architectural Coating Protects Concrete, Copper, Steel, and Aluminum2017-01-30T15:11:23+00:00

New Water-based Architectural Coating Protects Concrete, Copper, Steel, and Aluminum

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New Water-based Architectural Coating
Protects Concrete, Copper, Steel, and Aluminum
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October 24, 2001 For Immediate Release

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Jessi Jackson Meyer
Cortec Corporation
(651) 429-1100
[email protected]

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New Water-based Architectural Coating 

Protects Concrete, Copper, Steel, and Aluminum

Cortec® MCI® Architectural Coating introduces optimal outdoor performance in a water-based formulation. The coating provides the type of protection required by structures in harsh outdoor environments and aids in preserving their life and beauty. Cortec® MCI® Architectural Coating acts as a tough barrier that prevents water penetration, chloride ingress from metropolitan and coastal exposure, and the deteriorating effects of carbonation.

Unlike conventional coatings, Cortec's Architectural Coating has pulled out traditional pigments and metal oxides and replaced them with more effective corrosion inhibitors. Blended with Cortec's patented MCIs, the new coating provides a superior source of corrosion inhibition that protects embedded reinforcement and other metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum. The Cortec® coating uses its special combination of additives to form a composite polymer barrier that significantly prolongs the life of reinforced concrete for new and restored structures. Their unique chemistry protects both the outside concrete surface and the inside metal reinforcement of the structure from aggressive weather and corrosive electrolytes.

The Cortec® coating offers excellent adhesion to concrete and metal surfaces. As a water-based polymer with elastic characteristics, the coating is highly resistant to peeling, bubbling, and cracking. Its offers UV resistance and thermal stability from -40oF to +400oF (-40oC to +204oC).

The coating is available in transparent, standard and custom colors. As a transparent coating, it allows a restored structure to be protected while showing its original surface coloring. For restored and new structures, this transparency allows easy visual inspection of the condition of the surface over time. Where a structure does not require a transparent coating, Cortec's MCI® Architectural Coating is also available in standard and custom pigments.

As a new generation coating that is environmentally friendly, the water-based coating is non-toxic and non-flammable. The coating can be applied by conventional means including spray application.

Photo: High resolution photo tif of Cortec® MCI® Architectural Coating is available for download above.

Company Description: Cortec® Corporation, a pioneer in Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology, is located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Cortec manufactures a variety of corrosion inhibiting and rust-preventive systems based on Vapor Corrosion Inhibition technology.

Cortec Website:    Phone: 1-800-426-7832   FAX: (651) 429-1122