Others Acknowledge Our Efforts

Innovation is Our Business

By Boris Miksic, FNACE

I'd like to start with some news of interest to all of you. Just two weeks ago our company was named as one of Midwest's Deloitte & Touche Fast 5O, High Tech Companies. As a two-time winner, this most recent award is very important to us because it identifies Cortec as a true leader in innovation. We will continue to insist that our company leads in new and environmentally low impact products. This is critical for our future. It's critical for your future. To emphasis this point, at the World Sales Meeting, I was pleased to report that we made two technological breakthrough product announcements:

Environmentally Low Impact Soy Products
EcoLine(tm) products are based on a renewable resource soybean derivative, Soybean methyl esters. Traditional mineral oils and solvents are difficult to dispose of and most companies are concerned about what goes out of their factories and then into the ground. Soya Methyl esters have been used in this revolutionary, environmentally low-impact technology. The EcoLine(tm) includes four products: EcoLine(tm) Long Term Rust Preventative is a biodegradable temporary coating designed for use in severe marine and high humidity outdoor and indoor environments. EcoLine(tm) Cleaner/Degreaser is a heavy-duty, water-dilutable cleaner/degreaser for tough cleaning jobs in industrial and commercial applications. EcoLine(tm) All Purpose Lubricant is designed for industrial, shop and home use. It contains a friction modifier and extreme pressure additive. EcoLine(tm) Cutting Fluid is a multi-functional biodegradable fluid for metal cutting operations.

These Soya-based products provide excellent lubricity and biodegradability. The EcoLine(tm) products are better for the environment and leave behind a high performance VCI corrosion-protecting layer. They are also better for humans. Most recently the Canadian Auto Workers Union and The United Auto Workers Union warned its members that using traditional metal cutting oils will cause cancer. Our Soya-based EcoLine(tm) products are safe.

New BioFilm Products
In film development, our R & D scientists solved a puzzle that had stumped the film industry for years: How to make a LD BioFilm, which biodegrades and can be put directly into a dumps. I'm pleased to report that we have that film now. There are two versions. EcoFilmTM and Eco-Corr(r). Eco-Corr contains Cortec's patented VCIs for corrosion protection while EcoFilm is available for non-VCI packaging. This is our answer for export shipments to landfill starved Europe and Japan. Many foreign countries that receive standard films force the US supplier to ship the film back to the U.S., at the supplier's expense. Our new films can be disposed directly into the garbage. This makes Cortec's new EcoFilm and Eco-Corr film the only cost-effective and Eco-conscious answer.

By developing these new innovative technologies, Cortec's revolutionary new biofilms contribute to everyone's future with 100% biodegradable and compostable technology. The biofilms are impervious to oxygen, water, and oils and naturally degrade in outdoor, landfill and compost conditions into harmless carbon and water molecules. Cortec reduces generations of bio-accumulative substances through the design and manufacture of new "green-tech" products for safer, environmentally friendly solutions. We have them now. Not a year from now.

Now, what do these innovations mean to you? It means that customers around the world will need these products sooner or later. It's important that you reach your cus-tomers first, with our innovative products- start by helping them plan their low environ-mental impact strategy. And believe me, they are asking for help. Because their biggest issues and toughest decisions aren't just about technology. They're about how to comply with International laws and standards. These are tough issues. This is what we mean when we say Cortec is a innovations company. We start with a customer's business problem, and work back to the right combination of technologies and expertise. In order to help you and the customer understand these issues better, we will soon be launching our new Cortec Eco Conservancy section on our web site. We will become your resource to post the latest information regarding the environment and our solutions. Visit our web site, (www.CortecVCI.com) over the next month and watch for new information updates.

Cortec's innovative technologies will make work and everyday life easier and safer for both business and individuals. But, the real payoff will be for our distributors, representatives and end users that actually start using these innovative products. I know that as we build better products, we get closer to our customers.