VCI Packaging Projects

CortecĀ® VCI Products Protect Overseas Shipments of Axles

By Tom Nelson

Meritor contacted Cortec about shipments of axles from India to the US. Meritor is one of the world's leading automotive parts manufacturers with plants on 4 continents. They have had corrosion caused by the severe environments of overseas shipments.

Cortec offered the solutions of VCI-388, VCI-126, and VCI-146. Cortec worked with our India distributor, Permacel to establish the solution, sell the product and make sure the application was properly done. It all worked to perfection and Meritor was extremely pleased with the clean product and the great customer service. Meritor is now working on global standards of Cortec(r) VCI products for all export shipments. This is a real example of how the International basis of distributors can add value to the complete Cortec system.

Kwajalein Island Raytheon Project

Specialty Bags of Dallas and Cortec were contracted to provide a long term lay-up protection to the FPQ 19 radar. The radar is a 32 foot diameter aluminum dish with a 40' steel support structure. The radar includes numerous control panels, and mechanical apparatus. The four step process included:

1. Total cleaning with VCI-414
2. 1 to 1 concentration spray of VCI-389 in water on all surfaces
3. All electrical panels protected with VCI-111, 132, and ElectriCorrTM VCI-238.
4. A CorShield TM cover to protect the radar. The preservation activities were done on the highest point on the island with a constant 30 mph. wind.

The entire radar and support mechanisms were cleaned with VC1-414, at a 10% solution using the power washer/sprayer. VC1-414 is an alkaline vapor corrosion inhibiting cleaner that cleans and provides short term corrosion protection.

The second step was to spray the entire radar and support mechanism with VCI-389 at a 1 to 1 dilution with the power sprayer. VCI-389 is a high performance vapor corrosion inhibiting coating. It was sprayed on all exposed surfaces at a coating thickness of 5-6 mils. The coating will remain slightly tacky and will provide excellent corrosion protection in the salt water environment.

The third step was to protect all electrical components with ElectriCorrTM VCI-238 aerosol, sprayed on all open electrical connections. VCI-131 foam emitters and VCI-111 cup emitters were placed in the 2 enclosed electrical connection boxes on the support structure. These emitters will protect the electrical connections from corrosion through the complete mothballing cycle

The fourth step was to protect the complete radar with a CorShield cover, custom sewn to tightly fit around the radar and support mechanism. Unfortunately the initial design of the core did not include the side housing units on the support column for the radar. We tried to install the cover on the radar portion, but for our entire trip, the wind was approaching the 25 mph limitation of the Condor and we were not able to install the complete cover on the radar.

Specialty Bags and Cortec will redesign the CorShield cover as a cylinder cover that will be pulled down over the radar dish and then around the support structure and housing. There will be 7 strapping points to tighten the cover tight against the structure. The key will be to keep the cover as tight as possible to reduce the amount of wind whipping.

A separate cover will be made for the cooling system. It should be cleaned and sprayed with VCI-389 before covering. The cleaning and coating steps were completed with no difficulties. This base level of protection will provide excellent short term protection without the cover, and excellent long term protection when the cover is installed.

The gantry was sprayed with VCI-377 and will not be covered with CorShield. Finally, training for the on-site staff on the effective application of Cortec cleaners and sprays was completed. The complete project will protect the radar and support structure for 6 years.