Corrosion Costs Big Bucks

Corrosion impacts every industry and every sector in our society. Whether keeping an oil or gas pipeline from leaking, preventing a bridge from deteriorating, or preserving historical monuments like the Statue of Liberty - corrosion engineers are on the front lines helping protect public safety, preserve the environment, and maintaining the infrastructure.

In the United States alone, corrosion costs more than $350 billion a year. That is more than $1,100 for every man, woman, and child. Yet $100 billion of those costs could be avoided if we took advantage of corrosion control technologies. In other words, we could save more than half of the entire U. S. federal budget deficit by using a little preventive maintenance. The costs and potential savings in other countries are similar to those of the U.S. Our mission is to help engineers and customers all over the world stop corrosion and save money.