Our Commitment

Innovation and Quality

By Boris Miksic, CEO

Our growth directly correlates with our commitment to our Quality and Innovation. This commitment inspires me and all of us at Cortec to take action. In the early days of Cortec, we faced quality dilemmas with some of our products. I would personally inspect many of our production runs and I became convinced that we needed a corrective process immediately. We needed a process with checks and balances that would insure our customer's World-Class quality products every time. I was convinced that ISO 9001 was the answer. So, I enthusiastically introduced this solution to our managers. The ISO process started that day. The process improved our ability to deliver quality products. It reinvented us. It forced our people to rethink and reshape the status quo. We continue our commitment to this process.

We are all constantly aware that our ability to deliver high quality products is only as good as our last shipment. Therefore, in order to highlight this on going commitment, I 'd like to dedicate this year as:

Quality is Crucial at Cortec®

Our commitment is simple. It means everything to me. Quality is Crucial at Cortec. 2000/QC2 is not just a catch phrase. It's is a reminder to all of us at Cortec, that we must constantly strive to meet our quality goals. When quality is not good - everyone fails. When quality is good, it's the minimum standard for competing in the world market. Today, we must keep this idea front-of-mind in everything that we do. We insist on perfection and so do our customers.

Innovation is not a goal for us, it's our way of life. It's what we want to be known for. It's the essence of our past and future. Over the years this focus allowed us to receive numerous awards for our ability to lead the industry with products that not only work well, but support our goal to develop environmentally friendly products as is our mission as an ISO 14001 company.

2Most recently, we received the "Product of the Year award from the readers of Plant Engineering magazine" for our Eco Air(tm) line. The EcoAir(tm) line boasts of environmentally safe chemistry and delivery systems. Soon, you will be seeing soybean based products which replace traditional petroleum based technology. Also you will see innovations that will turn the packaging industry on it's ear.

Throughout the years, all of these innovations have helped build this company. I promise you that we will not stop innovating. We must have the ability to see the future and develop products that lead.

Recently, technology experts were developing forecasts in order to see the world of 2020. A team of top scientists and engineers from a world renowned technology organization has compiled a list of the 10 most strategic technological trends that will shape business and our world over the next 20 years. And what did the experts see?

Here are the top three:
1. Genetic-based Medical and Health Care.
2. Developments such as highly advanced batteries, inexpensive fuel cells, and micro-generators of electricity that will energize many of our Products for Protection of Electronics and Electrics and highly mobile appliances.
3. GrinTech (Green Integrated Technology)... environmental concerns come to the forefront of consumers and industry around the world. New Technology will provide the answers... GrinTech will be especially important in agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and transportation systems.

With Innovation, we can lead. With quality, we all succeed. We know that our customers measure us on our ability to deliver high quality innovative products, and high quality support. Often, this expectation is the only thing that really differentiates us from our competitors. Our customer's perception that Cortec Corporation's products and services are of World-Class quality and Leading Edge Technology is our never-ending quest.