Packaging Products

Setting Global Standards

Cortec Packaging products have introduced a new standard for the dry protection of parts and products. Cortec is focusing on integrated solutions to provide complete protection for products that are being stored/inventoried for an extended period of time or for products being shipped overseas. By using a system (multiple product) approach, we are able to provide the highest level of protection and assurance of corrosion-free products being delivered every time.

In the past 2 years Cortec has been working on this concept with a number of large International companies and has introduced multiple product specifications for long term applications. Cortec's focus is on partnering with the customer and developing solutions that will provide protection regardless of the environmental and shipping challenges.

Cortec is setting the standard for the telecommunications industry with VCI-125 anti-stat film, VCI-131/132 foam and VCI anti-stat stretch film. Global companies like Motorola, Nortel and Lucent have embraced these solutions and have established packaging solutions that specify only Cortec products.

Cortec is also being embraced as the VCI solution in the automotive industry with General Motors, Ford, Honda, Daimler-Chrysler, and a whole listing of automotive support companies. The use of multiple Cortec products offers a higher level of security and protection.

Cortec patented packaging products utilize an advanced VCI that provides superior protection in a packaging environment. By recommending the integrated solutions, Cortec is in "a league of their own," and no other company can compete or offer the solutions that we can. This results in a very satisfied customer and something the competitors can't offer.

If you need to provide "perfect products delivered every time to every customer anywhere in the world," then Cortec is the only choice.

It has been awhile since we have updated you with our staff in the Packaging Group. In sales and marketing, Tom Nelson, Product and Sales Manager, Ext. 186, Jessie Calin, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 153. In the customer service area, Brenda Nelson, Customer Service Manager, Ext. 121, Kim Lennox, VCI-126 Custom Products, Ext. 115, Debra Schoenenberger, Custom Packaging Products Coordinator, Ext 127. In technical services Mike Hobday, Technical Service Engineer, Packaging and Electronics, Ext. 166. Call them if you have any questions.