VCI-418 - Cleaner/Degreaser Cleans and Protects

Cortec(r) VCI-418 alkaline cleaner/degreaser cleans parts in process and leaves outstanding corrosion protection behind. Vapor corrosion inhibitors in VCI-418 leave a molecular barrier on metal surfaces to provide temporary corrosion protection. This clean protection does not leave any residual film and will not affect paint adhesion qualities.

VCI-418 is effective for cleaning industrial, oil field, commercial and marine equipment. Designed for use in power washing machinery, high agitation parts washers and high-pressure spray washers, VCI-418 is non-flammable, nitrite-free and non-toxic. Available in powder or liquid form, it does not present disposal problems associated with most phosphate cleaners.

The unique cleaning ability of VCI-418 can remove difficult deposits such as heavy hydrocarbons, grease, drawing and buffing compounds, mill and machinery oils. This non-foaming product prevents flash rust and is safe to use on glass and most plastics. Applications include: drilling pipe and oil field equipment, machinery, engines or tanks cars, plate, sheet metal, metal castings, metal parts contaminated with stamping, drawing or buffing compounds and pressure washing.

Cortec(r) VCI-418 is effective at different concentrations, depending on the type of cleaning needed. VCI-418 requires mechanical action to be effective and will also protect the machinery used for applying the cleaner. VCI-418 is available in 5 pound (2.3 kg), 50 pound (23 kg) and 100 pound (45 kg) drums for powder and 5 gallon (19 liter) and 55 gallon (208 liter) for liquid.