Cocooning Metal Coils Cuts Labor and Damage Claims

Cor-Pak™ VpCI® Cocooning Stretch Film reduces labor as much as 75% in wrapping steel and non-ferrous coils. The proprietary system uses conventional stretch wrapping equipment with Cor-Pak™ VpCI® Cocooning Stretch Film to allow only one (1) operator to wrap a metal coil in what normally can take up to four (4) workers.

The Cocooning System provides complete packaging for coils including the coil's exterior, edges, interior and bore/eye. Initially, the coil is placed on blocker rolls. Then specially fabricated edge and bore/eye protectors are placed on the coil. Using Cor-Pak™ VpCI® Cocooning Stretch Film, the coil is then wrapped using a conventional rotary overhead stretch wrapper. With the fabricated insert in place, wrapping down to the bore/eye protects the coil while allowing access for coil handling. With this process, coils from ten(10) to twenty(20) tons can be wrapped in four(4) minutes or less.

The Cor-Pak™ VpCI® Cocooning Stretch Film offers enhanced protective packaging for coils. Specially extruded for superior flexibility and cling capability, the film readily conforms to curvature of coils. Its tear and puncture resistance has been increased to minimize damage claims. The Cor-Pak™ VpCI® Cocooning Stretch Film is extruded using Cortec's patented VpCI® technology to prevent rust, and corrosion during transport and storage. Cortec's VpCI® provides multi-metal protection virtually eliminating damage claims from staining, oxidation or any type of rust. The new stretch film is recyclable and does away with the special handling and disposal costs of steel strapping, paper, cardboard, and other co-mingled plastic wraps.

The overall cost savings in labor, material, reduced rust and damage claims provide a strong ROI for ferrous and non-ferrous coil producers and service centers. At a savings of $10,000 per month in labor costs alone, a semi-automatic wrapping system including blocker rolls costing as little as $30,000 will pay for itself in (3) months. The system assures a quality coil product that arrives ready for use without increased downstream attention and costs.