Ecoline™ Protects Metals and Human Life

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In a study conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) for the UAW and General Motors, auto workers revealed that high levels of carcinogens from coolants, cutting oils, lubricants and machining fluids were exposing workers to dangerous levels of nitrites, which in combination with other substances produce nitrosamines, which cause cancer.

The nature of the metalworking industry necessitates the use of lubricating fluids to remove metal in machining operations, lower temperatures and lubricate machinery and parts. That means skilled workers, production workers, grinders, stamping plant workers, screw machine operators, aerospace workers and miners are all exposed to toxic metalworking fluids.

Traditional metalworking products contain toxic substances such as nitrites, chlorinated compounds and chromates to lubricate, eliminate rust and resist bacteria build-up. They are not only harmful from prolonged direct contact, but when breathed in the fluid mist can cause lung disease and larynx cancer. Some of the other industrial caused cancers evident from the GM/UAW study are skin cancer and prostate cancer.

Cortec Corporation's Ecoline™ Cutting Soya-Based Fluid with VpCI®technology represents a new generation of green line products for metalworking. Ecoline Cutting Fluid replaces dangerous lubricants containing chlorinated compounds, chromates and nitrites, providing VpCI®corrosion protection during and after metals are processed with technology that is safe and long term.

The fully biodegradable cutting fluid provides lubrication and excellent anti-rust protection for in-plant machining, stamping, and cutting. Ecoline Cutting Fluid removes rust and lubricates, at the same time displacing any water and oil from metal surfaces. With excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, the water-based product is ideally suited for heavy duty rolling, grinding and extruding with no dangerous side effects.

Made from renewable natural soy methyl esters, the product's value-added contribution to converting farm products into industrial products is a boon to farmers and industry alike. In conjunction with The Agricultural, Utilization Research Institute and the Minnesota Soy Council, Cortec has developed an entire line of products that eliminate toxicity, and dangerous waste disposal. Ecoline™ cutting fluid completely eliminates any health risk factors for workers.