New VPCI® Teflon® Lube for Rough Weather Environments

Rawn America has developed a new, hi-tech premium grade grease for mission critical applications in severe weather environments. Especially designed to handle military and naval applications, the hi-tech grease is formulated with innovative technologies in Teflon® and Cortec® VpCI® to provide an extremely effective lubricating and anti-corrosion protective coating for mechanical devices and parts exposed to harsh climatic conditions.

The new hi-tech grease is highly resistant to salt, water, and weather making it ideal for outdoor land and marine environments. Its protective boundary lubricating film displaces moisture and does not wash off with hard rain or in rough seas. When the lubricating film is broken, its unique chemistry re-establishes a protective lubricating layer on the metal. The special VpCI® action of vapor phase corrosion inhibitors provides protection against rust and corrosion so moving parts and mechanical linkages will not rust or freeze-up, thereby retaining free moving action at critical times. The superior protection and lubrication ensures that equipment runs smoother and longer to reduce maintenance and eliminate unscheduled downtime.

In addition to naval and military applications, Rawn America VpCI® Teflon® Lube is highly recommended for construction, farm, and marine equipment, machines, vessels and vehicles with extended exposure to outdoor use. The product will effectively lubricate and protect push-pull cables, pulleys and guides, pneumatic cylinders, valves, hydraulics, conveyors, motors, gears, bearings, bushings, pumps, and roller bearings.

This hi-tech formulation is thermally stable. In warm weather conditions, it does not separate and weep from joints like typical greases. Further, customer testing shows it cannot be blown off with a fire hose. A non-aerosol product, Rawn America VpCI® Teflon® Lube is available in tubes for easy application by conventional grease gun.