The Battle for the Customer the VPCI® Story

By Anna Vignetti

We have had a long, successful track record with Cortec VCI technology innovations. Our versatile and creative scientists, engineers, technical support staff have all shared their technical expertise with thousands of customers. Our in-house technical staff, dedicated research teams, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and VCI technology development process has proven to reduce the costs and time for our customers.

Unfortunately, some of these efforts have been diluted by our competitors, because they use VCI as a generic term for their products also. Most of them are offering inferior corrosion control products and making the same claims we make about our VCI technology. This is a very deceptive and divisive tactic. It doesn't help our customers. It doesn't help you.

To stay competitive, we will continue to develop and execute new products and marketing strategies and tactics. Because we are the leaders of VCI technologies, we know that we must continually improve these capabilities, or we can and will eventually fall behind. But that's not like us. We have the capabilities and the experience. Experience is a powerful teacher, but experience alone does not ensure our leadership position. Consistent, innovative leadership comes from understanding our customers and ourselves. Our Customers expect the best ­ we must continuously provide it!

Now is time that we must distinguish ourselves from the pretenders. We know that we are alone in the VCI arena. No one provides product solutions like ours. No one has over 21 patents in VCI Technology. Therefore, effective immediately, we are officially changing the name of our VCI technology to VpCI®. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors is the official new moniker for all of Cortec VpCI® Products. VpCI® is our name and no one else can use it. It will separate you from the competition. Gradually, you will see this new descriptor on all of our current VpCI® technology. Start using it today. Let's set ourselves apart from the copycats!