CorrLube™ Hydraulic Fluid (ISO 46)

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CorrLube(tm) Hydraulic Fluid is blended with a unique combination of biodegradable synthetic fluid, with extreme pressure lubricity additives and film-forming VpCI(tm) corrosion inhibitors. This outstanding combination provides CorrLube(tm) Hydraulic Fluid with the performance required in modern high pressure hydraulic systems that demand; excellent oxidative and thermal stability, hydrolytic stability, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, demulsibility and superior rust and corrosion protection.

CorrLube(tm) Hydraulic Fluid is a fully formulated anti-wear, environmentally friendly, ecologically responsive, nontoxic fluid. It is designed for use in high pressure industrial, marine, construction mobile hydraulic systems, turbines and circulating oil systems that are operated in environmentally sever areas, or in highly humid or even contaminated conditions.