S-10F -New Non Toxic Inhibitor For Boiler Condensates

Traditionally inhibitors utilized for the protection of boiler condensate lines belong to two major classes: neutralizing and film-forming amines. Cortec has a very effective product to protect boiler condensate lines- S-10, which is one of the best formulations for the application, and has successfully protected Cortec's boiler steam line for many years. However, new requirements for safety and performance level generated the need for a completely safe inhibitor which would eliminate all the inconveniences of the previous generation. S-10F was formulated using all the latest ideas for these applications. This product contains components that are either food grade or CFR-listed. S-10F has extremely low toxicity and can be used for the protection of the steam lines in the food industry.

Some of the features include:
- biodegradability
- compatibility with the majority of others chemicals used to maintain steam/condensate lines
- can be applied continuously or as batch treatment or a combination of the two
- very economical

Besides the low toxicity, S-10F has another great advantage in comparison to the film-forming products -- it doesn't produce any sticky deposits inside the steam lines and its activity does not depend on the pH level in the system.