VpCI® CorrNetting™

It can be the difference between profit and loss, when packaging and shipping precision metal parts. CorrNetting(tm) is extruded from the highest quality PE resin with Cortec VpCI(tm) technology. Its special formulation combines just the right balance of elasticity, mesh size, thickness and resilience. The unique design makes it a very effective packaging material, which combines physical protection, cushioning and multimetal corrosion protection in one step. CorrNetting(tm) is available in a variety of different mesh sizes to meet needs of manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, high tech, biomedical and other industries.

End-user applications are endless. Applications include: heavy duty industrial parts separation and surfacing applications, precision metal parts packaging and numerous automotive parts applications (such as tubular netting for spring silencers, protective covers for door assemblies, wall support for filter systems, etc.). Contact Cortec for minimum quantities and specific sizes.