Eco-Corr® Gains Publicity

The introduction of our new VCI biodegradable film is turning heads. Published in the December issue of Materials Performance, Eco-Corr® gets a spot among the new products of the month. An article on Eco-Corr® and EcoFilm was also published in the Environmental Packaging newsletter

For those who haven't heard the news, the new 100% biodegradable and compostable Eco-Corr® Film breaks the hazardous chain of toxic production and disposal. With tougher global export restrictions, EPA product responsibility initiatives and "Take-It-Back" laws, US manufacturers will be challenged to conform to new packaging standards. Growing environmental concerns have captured the attention of Legislators. Trash flow control, landfill bans and environmental economics will demand responsible environmentally friendly solutions. Cortec's new bio-film provides a natural disposable method of packaging, unlike conventional non-degradable packaging. It will not contaminate natural ecosystems and naturally degrades in outdoor, landfill and compost conditions into harmless carbon and water molecules.

Eco-Corr Film is the only film that includes VCI corrosion inhibiting technology. Eco-Corr Film with VCIs, vapor corrosion inhibitors, seals metal products with a mononuclear layer that repels corrosive elements. The eco-conscious bio-packaging protects against corrosion with excellent barrier properties to oxygen, water, and oil. For short- term storage and shipping, metals arrive clean, rust free and ready for use. With a 36% greater impact strength over high performance polyolefins, the film is twice as strong as conventional films, such as LDPE and LLDPE. Before use, when sealed in its own packaging, the film has a one year shelf life. Once removed and put to use, the film lasts up to 6 months before naturally breaking down. When incinerated, it has approximately half the heat combustion and produces less than 2/3 the carbon dioxide compared to conventional polyolefins. Eco-Corr Film can actually be used as a fertilizer. The Film passed the bio-standard ASTM 5338 for degradation in a compost. Cortec leads traditional markets with products that offer an eco-conscious impact on the environment. Eco-Corr Film eliminates costly waste disposal for manufacturers and fosters sustainable contaminate free communities and Zero Waste Programs. Committed to making everyone's eco-protected future a reality, Cortec's contributions to preserving the environment through our ISO 14001 certification and expanded research and development of ecologically friendly alternatives supports a growing movement of "green" manufacturers.