Extending the Cortec Line

by Dr. Margarita Kharshan, R&D Manager

MCI-2007 CorrCrete This product is a multifunctional admixture to concrete, combining Cortec's exclusive Migrating Corrosion Inhibitorfor rebar protection and superplasticizers for concrete flowability. MCI®-2007 CorrCrete is the first of its kind on the market today for concrete additives. It is recommended for use in all concrete, especially reinforced, including prestressed and post-tensioned. This water-based, water-reducing additive reduces the amount of mixing water up to 20%. MCI-2007 CorrCrete also provides superior corrosion protection to reinforced steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel and other metals embedded in concrete by forming a protective layer on the metals. It does not matter what chloride concentration the concrete has; MCI-2007 CorrCrete will prevent corrosion on the rebar. In addition, MCI-2007 CorrCrete is environmentally friendly and does not contain any VOCs. MCI-2020 V/O and MCI-2022 V/O Again, we will talk about some modifications to our existing products developed to fulfill our customers' needs. Applications of MCI-2020 and MCI-2022 are often done on vertical surfaces or on bridges in windy conditions. Both of these situations can cause loss of the product due to flowdown (vertical), misting (bridges), or excessive labor due to the need for multiple coats. To avoid these problems, new more viscous versions of MCI-2020 and MCI-2022 were developed and named MCI-2020 V/O and MCI-2022 V/O, respectively. Both of these products adhere very well to concrete surfaces and have relatively short drying times. They have good sprayability, and can be applied with brush or roller as well. In addition, MCI-2020 V/O and MCI-2022 V/O build a thicker layer of product on the concrete surface, which allows one-coat application instead of two.


VCI-367: Solvent-based Temporary Coating VCI-367 is the latest in a series of solvent-based temporary coatings that provide excellent multimetal corrosion protection (1,000 hr. salt spray or humidity resistance at 2-mils). VCI-367 has several unique characteristics that sets it apart from all other temporary coatings. It is not-tacky, does not run when heated to 200+ºF (93ºC), can be immersed in water and can even be topcoated in some cases. There are several situations where VCI-367 would be used instead of a tacky temporary coating:

1. If the coating were subjected to constant heat, such as an air conditioner in a warm climate such as Hawaii, VCI-367 would remain in place and provide excellent corrosion protection. A tacky coating would tend to run.

2. Some tacky temporary coatings brushed on screws thin out when a second coating is applied. VCI-367 will build up film thickness between coats, providing total protection of the screws.

3. A yellow alkyd was applied over VCI-367 to provide significantly improved corrosion protection, compared to a straight alkyd. The aesthetic appearance of the alkyd coating was better than the brownish color of all temporary coatings.

VCI-390 This unique non-tacky epoxy-ester resin coating was evaluated by one of our customers with great success. The new coating contains very effective corrosion inhibitors and provides extremely good protection at very thin film thicknesses. For example, 0.03 to 0.09 mils thick films provide up to 20 hours of protection in a salt spray environment. Films 1.4 mils thick protect cold-rolled steel in salt spray environments for more than 400 hours. VCI-390 is waterborne and can be diluted with water for dip applications. The product air-dries in 1 to 2 hours and cures completely in one week at room temperature, forming a nice transparent film on the metal surface. For customers who are looking for a black coating, a black version of VCI-390 is available.