New Additives for Automotive Industry

M-529: Additive to Engine Oil

A new very economical additive to diesel and gasoline engine oils was developed in Cortec's laboratory. It is well known that engines contain, along with ferrous metals, a number of colored metals and their alloys. All of these metals are very sensitive to high temperatures (oxidation) and chemical/electrochemical corrosion. This corrosion may be initiated by regular oil additives or "sour condensates", and water-based low pH electrolytes, which are usually present in engine and exhaust systems of cars. M-529, when added to engine oil, provides excellent protection from all types of corrosion: high-temperature, chemical and electrochemical, in storage or "stop and go" conditions. There are a variety of different standard tests to pass when considering an additive for engine oil. M-529 passed all these tests and showed excellent results in real life conditions - it was tested as an oil additive to a car engine. When added to engine oil at 1.5-2% by weight, M-529 will solve all corrosion problems.