Life-365 MCI Computer Program

Life-365 MCI Computer Program

In an effort to help predict the Service Life and Life-Cycle Costs of Reinforced Concrete, Cortec is offering this CD-ROM at no cost. This CD-ROM was created for CCIA for the sole purpose of helping designer and specifiers of concrete structures a method of specifically predicting the value that MCIs™ bring to the concrete construction strategy.

This CD-ROM program was designed with variables for different technical merits and costs associated with their use. Selecting the optimum strategy requires the means to weigh the increased costs against the potential extension to the life of the structure. Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is being used more and more frequently for this purpose. LCCA provides the means to compute the costs over the entire (design) life of the structure. Both initial construction costs and future (predicted) repair costs are included in the economic analysis. Thus, even though the implementation of a protection strategy may increase initial costs, it may still reduce life cycle costs by reducing the extent and frequency of future repairs.

This is a must for any MCI distributor. Contact Cortec Today!!


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