MCI®-2007 SuperCorr™
Superplasticizer and Corrosion Inhibitor - MCI® Viagra® for concrete, makes it stiffer and lasts longer!

At World of Concrete 2000, Cortec Corporation introduced MCI®-2007 SuperCorr. The product combines MCI corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforcing and superplasticizer for concrete flowability. MCI®-2007 SuperCorr extends the life of high strength concrete structures. A free-flowing non-viscous liquid for easy blending, the admixture is water-based, entirely organic and environmentally safe to use at the ready mix plant and in the field.

As a superplasticizer, MCI®-2007 SuperCorr improves the flowability of concrete mixtures that have reduced water to cement ratios. It positively affects the mechanical properties of the concrete, improving compressive and flexural strengths. MCI®-2007 can be used in all reinforced, precast, prestressed, post-tensioned or marine concrete structures. Other steel reinforced, high strength structures that are exposed to corrosive environments are especially helped by the product.

MCI®-2007 SuperCorr protects concrete from the explosive power of corrosion in steel reinforced concrete. The MCI forms a thin protective coating on steel reinforcing, wire mesh, carbon steel, galvanized steel, and other metals embedded in the concrete. It provides a powerful system of secondary protection to pre-coated rebar. When the rebar coating chips off or cracks from excessive flexing, the MCIs migrate to the exposed metal to protect it from corrosion.

Effective for both anodic and cathodic areas, MCI®-2007 SuperCorr protects against the harmful affects of corrosion even the densest concrete. The required dosage is not affected by chloride concentration. The product can be used for new construction as well as restoration and repair on the job site. It is effective against corrosive environments from carbonation, de-icing salts, atmospheric attack, and salt water atmospheres along coastal areas.

Viagra® is a registered trademark of Pfizer.

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