A Full-Day of MCI® Insight and Training at Cortec® WSM 2019!

November 14, 2019

This year’s Cortec® World Sales Meeting was an exciting time for new and seasoned MCI® professionals to collaborate in an all-day training track October 4th at the Saint Paul Hotel in Minnesota. The full day began with an opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful MCI® distributors in the U.S. and the Middle East, who shared insights on what does and does not work when introducing MCI® into new markets. After this, Casey Heurung (Technical Service Engineer) and Ivana Liposcak (MCI® Technical Sales Manager, Europe) gave a helpful “MCI® 101” technology overview.

Alan Jolley (MCI® Regional Sales Manager, Southeastern US) later shared restoration advice from his wealth of experience working with MCI® concrete repair materials. Ashraf Hasania (MCI® Technical Sales & Market Manager, Canada), who has an extensive engineering education, gave an informative presentation on how to develop MCI® specifications.

The afternoon finished with a presentation on MCI® testing by Heurung, followed by an MCI® discussion and open forum. This was an excellent opportunity to ask questions of MCI® experts—Jessi Meyer, Hasania, Liposcak, and Jolley—who work with MCI® every day and have several decades of combined experience.

Thanks to all of our MCI® friends and family who made the extra effort to invest in a few energizing days together at the 2019 Cortec® World Sales Meeting. We look forward to our next opportunity to collaborate in person and invite you to consider joining us at World of Concrete, February 4th-7th in Las Vegas, Nevada! (Learn more at www.worldofconcrete.com.)

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