Are Your Cooling Loops and Boilers Ready for Seasonal Change?

September 3, 2020

Sets of cooling towers in data center building.

The change of seasons is almost here, which means it is the perfect time to introduce Cortec® corrosion solutions into your water treatment seasonal layup routine! In the Northern Hemisphere that means addressing a problem not usually treated at all, since the standard industry practice for shutting down cooling water systems is to simply turn them off and drain the water. Unfortunately, this can lead to corrosion and unnecessary leaks, repairs, and inefficiencies down the road. The truly better answer is to use simple, effective corrosion protection like Cortec’s Cooling Loop Gator® (wet-dry layup) or the Cooling Tower Frog® (dry layup), which are easy to apply and do not have to be removed before startup next spring/summer.

In the Southern Hemisphere, where the winter is ending, institutions may be starting to think about turning off their heating system boilers. Rather than following a complicated process of applying quick lime and silica gel, for instance, all that is really necessary is to drain the boiler and treat it with the Boiler Lizard®, which protects the whole internal void until it is refilled and the Boiler Lizard® dissolves in the makeup water.

For additional protection during startup, workers can use the Boiler Lizard® Plus complete layup kit, which includes a Boiler Eggthat can be placed inside the boiler next to the Boiler Lizard®. The Boiler Eggremains intact and dormant until startup, when it will begin to scavenge oxygen and passivate metal during the initial filling of the boiler with makeup water, which is often unheated and not chemically treated.

The seasonal change will be here soon. Whether that involves cooling system or boiler shutdown for you, it is important that it does not mean one thing: the start of corrosion season. With Cortec’s water treatment “animals” here to provide a simple solution, there is little to no reason why shutdown should bring corrosion this year. You still have plenty of time to plan ahead, so why not prepare for the best-case scenario by ordering some convenient water treatment “animals” today?

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