Be Part of the Circular Economy - Be a Cortec® Recycling Partner

October 19, 2020

Are you looking for ways to lower your environmental impact while also benefiting your bottom line? Being part of a true circular economy is often not as easy to do as it is popular, but Cortec® is helping make that a reality with its VpCI® plastic recycling partnership. This program is designed to be a win-win-win situation for Cortec®, its customers, and the environment. If you are a VpCI® bag user in North America or Europe, this may be the perfect next step for you to join the circular economy as well!

Cortec® has long been a leader in reducing plastic waste by recycling film scrap back into its VpCI®-126 anticorrosion bags. Cortec® Advanced Films (CAF) regularly uses 15% recycled content (combination pre-/post-consumer) on average in its VpCI®-126 Film and can ensure quality even at levels as high as 20%.
As early as 2017, Cortec® opened up its post-consumer recycling program by buying back used VpCI®-126 from an off-road equipment manufacturer to incorporate back into new VpCI®-126 Film products. The customer can now divert hundreds of thousands of pounds of plastic from the landfill or incinerator while taking advantage of an in-house revenue stream by having all its suppliers use the industry’s top-quality VpCI®-126 Bags, which it can ship to Cortec® for reprocessing after use.

The same recycling service is available to other European and North American customers who use large amounts of VpCI®-126 and qualify as a good match for the program. Contact one of our U.S. or European field reps today to learn more and request a potential recycling partnership evaluation:!

Read our VpCI® Plastic Recycling Service brochure here for more details:

For a PDF version please click here.