CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #555: Industrial Power Plant Preservation

September 3, 2021

The shutdown of a natural gas fired power plant required the preservation of several costly assets. These included turbines, valves and moving parts, oil tanks, adjacent equipment, and water/steam tanks. The combined internal volume of the oil systems needing protection was 13,845 gallons (52,409 L), while that of the water/steam vessels was 11,700 cubic feet (331 m³).

After making sure all components were clean, the layup team began by protecting valves and moving parts with VpCI® Super Penetrant and VpCI®-369. The next step was to fog the high-, intermediate-, and low-pressure tanks on top of the HRSG units using VpCI®-337. They covered openings with VpCI®-126 EM UV Film. They also used this to wrap the drum dryer before fogging with VpCI®-337 and sealing. The three remaining tanks were fogged in the earlier manner, as well. They used VpCI®-308 Pouches to protect the two natural gas fired turbines and covered inlet and exhaust ports with VpCI®-126 EM UV Film.

The application was extremely satisfactory to the customer, who was excited and confident about the success of the equipment preservation system.

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