CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #619: Clamp and Powerline Protection at Wind Power Transfer Station

June 23, 2021

A new wind power transfer station in Brazil was located near the ocean with strong wind and blowing sand. This corrosive environment soon led to corrosion on powerline clamps and surrounding areas. The power was turned off and the clamps were taken down to mechanically remove most of the corrosion. After cleaning with VpCI®-415 and drying, the clamps were reinstalled (many with ElectriCorr VpCI®-239 applied inside), primed with VpCI®-396, and top-coat-ed with VpCI®-384. VpCI®-396 was also applied to some of the wire on each side of the clamps. VpCI®-368 was used as needed on moving parts around the substation. MCI® was also introduced—MCI®-2020 on concrete support structures and MCI®-2005 in the sand containment wall—leaving the facility with an excellent combination of corrosion protection materials for this severe environment.

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