CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #706: Smart Stacking of Four Tender Rigs

July 21, 2021

In the summer of 2020, four tender rigs that would have normally been cold stacked needed a layup method that would instead allow swift and safe reactivation with little complication. Cortec® products and AOS services were selected for the job due to a good safety track record with similar projects in Southeast Asia.

VpCI®-609 was used to protect the mud mixing and pump systems, and VpCI®-645 was used for dry tank internals. VpCI® Emitters were applied to preserve electronic and electrical equipment according to volume, with a variety of VpCI® Films wrapped around electronic cabinets and various on-deck equipment depending on severity of exposure. Rusty surfaces were wire brushed and primed with CorrVerter® Rust Converter Primer. Surface cleaning where rust removal was not needed made use of VpCI®-414 and Corwipe® 500.

The crew did not overlook protection of lubrication systems. VpCI®-369 was applied for dual lubrication and corrosion protection of pistons and other lubricated operating systems, while M-531 was added to lube oil and hydraulic systems. Biobased EcoLine® ELP replaced traditional oil in various other lubrication points, and CorrLubeVpCI® Lithium EP Grease was used on areas needing grease.

The preservation solution resulted in a cost-effective storage option that will allow for speedy redeployment at the proper time.

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