How to Contact Us

Environmentally Safe VpCI®/MCI® Technology

  • 4119 White Bear Parkway
    St. Paul, MN 55110 U.S.A.

  • 651-429-1100

  • 651-429-1122

  • 1-800-4-CORTEC (1-800-426-7832)

Cortec® USA Headquarters

Boris Miksic, FNACE

Cliff Cracauer, Vice President of Sales

Office: (651) 429-1100 x1181

Customer Service

Patrick Emerson, Customer Service Manager

OFFICE: (651) 429-1100   x1115

Christie Sullivan, International Coordinator

Office: (651) 429-1100 x1125

Gwynn Johnson, International Coordinator

Office: (651) 429-1100 x1127

Barb Curtis, Customer Service Representative

Office: (651) 429-1100 x1157

Chris Ball, Customer Service Representative

Office: (651) 429-1100 x1118

Patricia Hockert, Customer Service Representative

Office: (651) 429-1100 x1162

Administrative Service

Lara Nichols, Sales Administrator

Office: (651) 429-1100 x1195

Technical Service

Rick Shannon, Coatings Chemist

Office: (651) 407-2746

Coatings Solutions

Markus Bieber, Vice President of Sales, Integrated Solutions

Office: (651) 429-1100 x1152
Technical Contact: Rick Shannon x1146

Integrated Solutions: Packaging, Biodegradable films, Metalworking, Surface Preparation, Oil Additives, and Emitters