Corrosion Control, MRO Solutions, and Business Opportunities Await at Cortec® Spray Technologies!

February 4, 2020

More than twenty years after becoming part of Cortec® Corporation, Cortec® Spray Technologies (CST) in Spooner, Wisconsin, remains at your service to provide effective, convenient solutions for corrosion control, MRO (maintenance, repair, operations), and aerosol filling needs. Spray products such as CorShield® VpCI®-368 and CorShield® VpCI®-369 have long since made their way to customers around the globe, proving themselves to be popular rust-preventative coatings for preserving stationary and moving metal surfaces (respectively).

Cortec’s revamped line of EcoAir® corrosion solutions for MRO is another great example of CST Technology. This line includes a variety of rust removers, cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors used to “Clean, Protect, and Preserve” metals around the shop, plant, or layup site. A special feature of these products is that they are packaged in EcoAir® spray cans powered by compressed air instead of traditional chemical propellants. Several EcoAir® products also have the benefit of being water-based or biobased, offering dual advantage for users and the environment.

In addition to producing products that can benefit users directly, CST also offers a wealth of business opportunities for companies that either need to contract fill their own product, private label one of Cortec’s trusted VpCI® corrosion solutions, or get help formulating a new spray product. A large portion (approximately half) of CST’s work is already done for contract fill or private label customers, including significant global companies with name recognition. CST is equipped to do traditional aerosol fills as well as packaging in its EcoAir® brand of bag-on-valve (BOV) cans for those who want a more environmentally responsible spray dispensing method.

Contact Cortec® today to find out how to take advantage of CST’s convenient corrosion solutions, MRO products, private labeling, formulating, and contract fill opportunities for spray applications:!

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