Cortec® EcoAir® MRO Line and Sustainability Achievements Featured in SPRAY Magazine!

April 6, 2020

Each year in March, SPRAY magazine publishes an editorial feature on developments at various spray can fillers in the U.S. This year, the magazine is featuring Cortec® once again, prominently highlighting its revamped line of EcoAir® cleaning, rust prevention, and rust removal products packaged in convenient bag-on-valve spray cans for maintenance jobs. New labeling makes the products’ purpose and application straightforward and easy to follow in order to “Clean,” “Protect,” and/or “Preserve” metals around the shop, production floor, or remote worksite. The line includes several biobased and water-based options.

The article also notes Cortec’s sustainability milestones at Cortec® Spray Technologies (CST) and Cortec® Coated Products (CCP) in Wisconsin. Both plants have been in the Wisconsin Green Tier program since 2010 and their compliance was confirmed again last year by audits at both facilities. The plants have been working hard to find ways to reduce waste and improve their stewardship of natural resources.

Read the feature to find out more about Cortec’s EcoAir® Line and Green Tier participation: https://www.cortecvci. com/whats_new/announcements/st20-21-2020.pdf

For a PDF version please click here.