Cortec® EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative Simplifies Protection of High Value Assets

March 5, 2020

Tooling, dies, and molds are high-value assets that play a key role in metal forming, plastic injection molding, and other manufacturing industries. It is vital to keep these expensive components in good condition by preventing corrosion during storage and shipping. Fortunately, Cortec® Corporation has designed EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative to simplify maintenance and corrosion protection for tooling, dies, and beyond.”

Storage of Tooling and Dies
Packaged in an air-powered bag-on-valve (BOV) spray can, EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative provides good atomization for easy spraying without relying on traditional chemical propellants. It displaces water and leaves behind a tenacious corrosion inhibiting film. Shops that use one piece of tooling and then store it for several months before re-use can protect it by applying EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative.

Shipping of Tooling and Dies
EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative is also excellent for tool and die manufacturers who want to make sure tooling reaches customers in like-new condition. One tool and die maker found it an excellent way to prepare a 40,000-pound (18,144 kg) plastic injection mold for five to six weeks of overseas shipment from the U.S. to Europe. EcoAir® Tool & Die was sprayed on the mold cavity, core, and steel surfaces. For added protection during shipment, a VpCI®-309 pouch was placed inside the mold and the entire mold was wrapped in MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film. The shipment was successful, reducing labor and worker exposure to cleaning solvents since the rust preventative did not have to be removed before use.

Beyond Tooling and Dies
Although mainly designed for the tool and die industry, EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative can also be used in countless other applications where water displacement, light lubrication, and rust prevention are required. Because it is non-flammable, it is also easier to store than many traditional aerosols.
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