Cortec® Employees Weigh in on Their Favorite Coatings

December 14, 2020

We recently asked a handful of Cortec® reps and our former coatings chemist what their favorite coatings are and why. Two coatings kept resurfacing: VpCI®-391 (removable coating) and EcoShield® 386 (permanent coating). Here’s an insightful look at some of the reasons those coatings made it to the top two among these four Cortec® employees.

Judy Wolf, Regional Sales Manager –
AR, LA, MS, AL, FL Panhandle (
Favorite Coating: VpCI®-391
• One of the most versatile products we offer.
• Very popular for oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.
• Water-based overspray does not leave a sheen on the water.
• Use it to protect assets in laydown yards and in non-climate-controlled warehouses.
• With proper application, 391 has never failed to give outstanding protection!

Rick Shannon, Technical Sales Manager
& Former Coatings Chemist (
Favorite Coating: EcoShield® 386
• Versatile.
• Fast drying with excellent corrosion and UV protection.
• In OEM applications, can be applied by conventional spray, HVLP, airless, and electrostatic.
• Can be used in dip tank, vacuum coater, or Nordson Coater Box where steel is painted at up to 800 feet (244 m) per minute.
• With its acrylic backbone it can add years of color stability and protection against the elements.
• Protects at very thin DFT (dry film thickness), usually 1.0-2.0 mils (25-50 μm).

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