Cortec® Issues Invitation to ‘Think Outside the Plastic Bag’ by Opting for EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper

April 5, 2021

Heat sealable bags are an industry norm that prove useful in countless packaging applications. By default, these are often in the form of single use plastic bags that also present a disposal challenge with the potential to pollute the environment, pile up in landfills, or get tangled in recycling equipment. Industries today are looking for practical alternatives that meet their packaging needs while representing good environmental and resource stewardship. Cortec® invites these packaging users to “think outside the plastic bag” by considering EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper as a viable, customizable alternative to replace plastic packaging in many creative ways.

EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper is a packaging product coated with a water-based heat sealable adhesive on one side. Seams formed by properly sealing coated sides together leave a strong permanent bond. EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper can be used to manufacture custom heat sealable envelopes, bags, sleeves, banding, tags, or other creative packaging materials. It can be further customized by printing with product info or brand logos on the uncoated side. Large stock and custom roll sizes open up a broad range of potential packaging dimensions. Last, but not least, EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper is environmentally responsible as a non-hazardous product that is fully repulpable and can be readily recycled.

There are innumerable possibilities for using EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper across all sectors of the supply chain. Packaging companies will find it to be a versatile raw material with which to make a variety of heat sealable bags, pouches, or envelopes for resale. Manufacturers who want to do their own packaging will benefit from the flexibility of EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper to create many
different packaging formats and sizes on demand.

Distributors and retailers can also take advantage of the versatility of EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper for onsite repackaging of bulk items into smaller bags, bundles, or individually wrapped items. Potential articles that can be packaged with EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Nuts, bolts, and other small components
• Construction materials
• Do-it-yourself assembly kit parts
• Office supplies
• Craft materials
• Board game pieces
• Home and garden items
• Other consumer or industrial goods

The possibilities are almost endless for those who are ready to “think outside the box” (or in this case, outside the plastic bag) to use a recyclable material and avoid the problems of plastic waste that come with typical packaging. Learn more about EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper here, and contact us to discuss your application today:

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