Cortec® MCI®: Not Just Another Commodity at Dubai International Concrete Conference

February 6, 2020

Cortec® Middle East (CME) was pleased to once again be a Silver Sponsor of the annual International Concrete Technology Forum (ICTF), November 27th-28th in Dubai, UAE. During ICTF, the CME MCI® team had many good concrete durability conversations with authorities, consultants, ready-mix companies, and key supply chain personnel in the concreteindustry. In addition to uncovering important leads and opportunities, CME was also able to give back to the industry by sharing expert insight into collaborating with concrete suppliers and contractors, along with tips on getting specified and certified by consultants and authorities.

Clients and engineers quickly became convinced about the advantages of Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors when CME shared the MCI® Technology cost/benefit model with them. The strong trend toward value engineering and cost reduction in the competitive GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) market made it a more difficult case with contractors and concrete suppliers, who are not eager to add any cost at all to cement sand and aggregate. However, the cost/benefit of MCI® soon became clear to them when comparing MCI® to other corrosion inhibiting strategies such as epoxy coated rebar.

The CME team was also able to demonstrate a successful track record thanks to its diverse portfolio of MCI® projects throughout the GCC region. CME’s Dubai Central Laboratory certification of product conformity to ASTM C1582 for the manufacture and supply of MCI® admixtures (MCI®-2005 and MCI®-2005 NS) gave an added boost to CME’s reputation for quality. These evidences of expertise in concrete durability knowledge and corrosion mitigation helped brand Cortec® MCI® products as specialty technologies in the concrete industry—not just another basic commodity being touted at ICTF.

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