Cortec® Sales Reps Weigh in on Their Favorite VpCI® Film!

May 27, 2021

When choosing a corrosion protection solution, it is helpful and also comforting to know the favorite materials of those constantly at work in the industry. We recently explored this question by asking our sales reps which Cortec® film they liked best. A clear pattern immediately emerged showing our 10 mil (250 µm) VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film to be among the favorites for performance, versatility, and convenience. Here’s what some of our representatives like about it!

Jessica Carpenter, Regional Sales Manager (MI, Northern OH, Northern IN, Pittsburgh)
• It is versatile
• Offers customers an opportunity to free up floor space by wrapping and storing assets outdoors up to two years
• UV protection prevents film from degrading in sun
• VpCI
®-126 chemistry keeps assets protected
• Easy to use with step-by-step shrink-wrapping instructions from the lab!

Dario Dell’Orto, Vice President, International Sales
• Typically well-received
• Advantageous and convenient
• Favorable
quality-performance/price relationship

Judy Wolf, Regional Sales Manager (Southern United States)
• It’s the “Swiss army knife” of films
• 10 mil thickness gives it strength
• Provides outdoor protection against corrosion
• UV protection is important for enclosed rubber parts
• Tight shrink-wrapping fit eliminates flapping in the wind during flatbed transport

Whether you have already tried VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film, or not, it is clearly a popular go-to solution for outdoor metals preservation needs. Learn more about it today for yourself:!

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