Cortec® Starts the New Year with Case History 700!

January 13, 2021

We are excited to announce the publication of Cortec® Case History 700 in early January to start off the 2021 new year! This exciting milestone gives testimony to the widespread use of Cortec® VpCI®/MCI® Technology around the globe.

It takes a lot of time to build a library of 700 case histories, even when adding almost one a week in recent years. Since each case history takes time and effort to write down the details of the application and take photographs where possible, it is not surprising to note that for each case history published, many routine success stories go untold.

Cortec® Case Histories are an excellent resource for at least two reasons: 1) They are great educational tools to learn how Cortec® Technologies have been applied in countless real-life applications. 2) They build credibility with potential users who can see the broad scope of users and uses.

Case History 700 describes how VpCI® materials protected a large pump system being shipped across Russia on the back of a truck. The journey was 8700 km (5,406 mi) through varying climatic conditions and took a month to complete, but the pump equipment arrived safely at its destination without any corrosion issues. Many other case histories exist covering a broad range of industries from oil and gas layup to auto build-ahead programs to new construction and reinforced concrete restoration projects.

We welcome you to join us in reflecting back on our extensive library of case histories. We also invite you to submit your own story of putting Cortec® VpCI®/MCI® Technologies to work in real-life situations for the practical needs of manufacturers and workers in a multitude of industries.

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