Cortec’s MCI Grenade®: A “Secret Weapon” Against Corrosion in Concrete Repairs

November 6, 2019

Concrete repair is often needed because rusty rebar puts pressure on concrete cover, causing it to crack and spall away from the structure. A convenient solution to ensure a long-lasting repair and deter future corrosion is to toss MCI® Grenades into small batches of repair mortar mixed onsite.

Water-soluble MCI® Grenades dissolve easily when mixed in the concrete batch, releasing Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors. These form a protective corrosion inhibiting molecular layer on surfaces of embedded rebar. They can also migrate to adjacent concrete to reduce the risk of ring anode effect.

MCI® Grenades come in several handy sizes for easy dosing:

  • One Mini MCI® Grenade® protects 0.4-0.6 cubic feet (0.015 m³) of concrete
  • One 500-gram MCI® Grenade® protects 1 cubic yard of concrete
  • One 650-gram Metric MCI® Grenade® protects 1 cubic meter of concrete

MCI® Grenades do not contain calcium nitrite and do not affect air entrainment, compressive strength, or set time of concrete mixes. Required dosage is not affected by the amount of chlorides in the concrete, making an excellent cost-effective solution for fighting corrosion in concrete repairs!

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